Smoke is set in an England that is utterly strange yet utterly real. An England where people who are wicked in thought or deed are marked by the Smoke that pours forth from their bodies, a sign of their fallen state. The aristocracy do not smoke, proof of their virtue and right to rule. At an elite boarding school where the sons of the wealthy are groomed to take power as their birthright, we meet Thomas Argyle and Charlie Cooper. On a field trip to London, Thomas and Charlie begin to suspect that everything they have been taught about Smoke is a lie. What does the future hold for the two young men? A grand estate where secrets lurk; a love triangle; a desperate struggle between faith and reason, good and evil. This is the world of Smoke—a world of great danger and extraordinary wonders.

“Part Dickens, part dystopia and totally immersive; a book as eerie and atmospheric as its sooty muse.”

Entertainment Weekly

“His ending, which I wouldn’t dare reveal here, is a real fire-cracker, and the lessons Mr. Vyleta wishes to impart are largehearted.”

—Jennifer Senior, The New York Times

“Compelling. . . . Deliriously imagined. . . . This gas-lamp fantasy at times borders on steampunk. . . . And with Smoke, he’s doing it all through the grimy lens of a dystopian past.”



Shortlisted for the Rogers Writers’ Fiction Prize. BROWSE The Quiet Twin follow link Order The Quiet Twin online:; follow link US Edition: Barnes & Noble ; ; Auf Deutsch: Vienna, 1939. Professor Speckstein’s dog has been brutally killed and he wants to know why. But these are uncharitable times and one must be careful where one probes . . . When an unexpected house call leads Doctor Beer to Speckstein’s apartment, he finds himself in the bedroom of Zuzka, the professor’s niece. Wide-eyed, flirtatious, and not detectably ill, Zuzka leads the young doctor to her window and opens up a view of their apartment block that Beer has never known. Across the shared courtyard there is nine-year-old Anneliese, the lonely daughter of an alcoholic. Five windows to the left lives a secretive mime who comes home late at night and keeps something – or someone – precious hidden from view. From the garret drifts the mournful sound of an Oriental’s trumpet, and a basement door swings closed behind the building’s inscrutable janitor. Does one of these enigmatic neighbours have blood on their hands? Doctor Beer, who has his own reasons for keeping his private life hidden from public scrutiny, reluctantly becomes embroiled in an enquiry that forces him to face the dark realities of Nazi rule. A tale of political paranoia, dangerous liaisons and defiant compassion, The Quiet Twin is an unforgettable journey into a cityscape of totalitarian dread and deception.

Published in 13 countries. Translated into 8 languages.

alesse birth control no prescription Order Pavel & I online: zoloft 50 mg half life buy elavil online US Edition: Barnes & Noble;; Auf deutsch: Set in the winter of 1946/47, one of the coldest on record, Pavel & I unfolds against the tattered social fabric of post-war Berlin. You picture him: a slight man; eyes like wet coals.  Curved woman’s lips and skin so delicate you could trace the veins.  The ears almost translucent, black hair worn parted, the teeth rocking from lack of fruit.” “Pavel & I does for Berlin what The Third Man achieved for Vienna.  The city sparkles  like drizzle in lamp light.” Spectator