The Ledge

Very cool “independent platform for international literature”.  This website is literally a house.

The Casual Optimist

Raincoast’s Dan Wagstaff writes a blog about the vagaries of the book trade.  Along with publishing news/gossip, there are lots of stylish vintage covers on display.

Transmission Magazine

A literary magazine published out of Manchester.  The June 2008 edition features an interview with me about my influences, and chastises me for being “talkative” which must be code for v. boring/full of it…

January Magazine

Great website for book reviews, including lots of crime fiction.

I Love A Mystery

More crime fiction reviews.

Love German Books

Translator Katy Derbyshire’s wonderful blog about what’s new in German literature. Katy has quite a devoted following!

Liquid Ink

Gint Aras’ (author of Finding the Moon in Sugar) website.  Check out Sugar, and have a look at his wonderful WALLS photographs.

Histories of Things to Come

Comics, Conspiracy, Technology, and Internet Gossip: a unique window on what is going on in pop culture.